Pool Opening Kit

Pool Opening Kit


  • $ 49.47

The Pool Opening Kit makes it easier and quicker to get the pool ready for the season. By using pool enzymes and chlorine shock you are ready to combat cloudy, algae, or swampy water. This enzyme cleaner and super shock duo will break down organic waste and oils that build up over the off season.

Compatible with Chlorine, Bromine, and Saltwater pools. Do not use with Biguanide pools.




# of Burnout 73

 Qty of Pool Complete 911


2 lbs 1


4 lbs 2


5 lbs 2


7 lbs 3


 Instructions and Dosages

  • Add 1 capful (8 oz) per 2,000 gallons of Pool Complete 911 directly into your pool
  • Add 1 bag per 12,000 gallons of Burnout 73 directly in to the deepest part of your pool


Frequently Asked Questions

When do I add the opening chemicals? Add Opening Kit after the pump and filter have been turned on and confirmed to be functioning properly.

How long does this have to circulate for?  Once the chemicals have been added, let the pump & filter circulate and filter the water for a minimum of 48 hours.

Why can’t I just shock the pool? While shock is a great start to opening your pool, there’s lots of contaminates and organic matter that need help breaking down. Using Pool Complete 911 will help that process of breaking down containments plus clean up the mess afterwards.

How much do I use for a 24ft round pool?  A 24 Round pool is about 12,000 gallons. First add the Pool Complete 911, 1 capful per 2,000 which is about 6 capfuls. Then add 1 bag of Burnout 73 per 12,000, you would need 1 bag.

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