Activate Filter Media Kit


  • $ 159.96

Activate is a glass filter media designed to provide, you with clearer, cleaner healthier water. Our proven activation process makes this product scientifically better than all other glass filter media and far superior .

1. Ultrafine filtration for CLEARER water

Creates 300 times more surface area for superior filtration down to 4 microns

2. Negatively charged filter media for CLEARER water

Attracts and captures harmful bacteria like a magnet

3. Self-sterilizing surface for HEALTHIER water

Prevents the growth of bacteria and algae by inhibiting reproduction

Lifetime Performance Guarantee

Should you be unhappy with the performance of Dr Dryden's Activate, Maytronics US will replace it with a standard grade sand filter media.


  • Pool water must be tested by a professional pool dealer on a bi-weekly basis
  • Filter must be in good working condition
  • Backwash your filter once the pressure displayed on your pressure gauge is 8-10 psi over the starting level
  • Use Dr Dryden's ENHANCE Summer 1 time per month for desired performance
  • This guarantee is nontransferable

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