Pool Juice Phosphate Remover

Pool Juice Phosphate Remover

Fun Center Pools & Spas

  • $ 57.99

Once your pool's phosphate levels are under control, start on a weekly regimen of Pool Juice Phosphate Remover to keep them there.  This multi-benefit product also contains powerful enzymes to keep pool water and surfaces clean and a special clarifier blend to keep water sparkling clear.  A capful of product is all that's needed to maintain pristine conditions and is the perfect complement to any basic pool care system.


Phosphate is a derivative of phosphorous, a common element found in nature.  That substance is constantly finding its way into swimming pools via source water, ground runoff, and rain.  While it helps grow plants and protects plumbing, it can cause havoc in your water.


When phosphate levels rise and get too high (roughly over 125 parts per billion), it can create dull, cloudy, or hazy water conditions and, in combination with high pH and calcium hardness levels, contributes to the formation of calcium phosphate scale on surfaces and equipment.  This is especially problematic for saltwater pools.


Since phosphate is the last step in the oxidation process of phosphorous, chlorine and shocks really don't have much of an effect upon it.  Neither does algaecide.  Phosphate does contribute to conditions that make it harder for chlorine and algaecide to do their jobs, so keeping a pool phosphate-free is the ideal goal.

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